Over the last decade, we’ve built a reputation for ourselves as the fitness experience with the highest level of coaching standards, with the deepest attention to detail on movement quality. For the first time ever, we’re lifting the curtain and opening up our training system to the public. A Ritual Masterclass is a physical in-person workshop at one of our outlets in Singapore, where we go in-depth on a specific aspect of functional training for 120 minutes.

We cap the class size for these workshops at just 20 participants to ensure a high level of coaching and practice. In each Ritual Masterclass, you’ll get an insider’s understanding of everything from biomechanics and progressions, to breath integration and programming. This is practical movement education at its finest. With each Masterclass, you’ll also get lifetime access to new areas of Ritual Academy, which is our in-house online ‘university’ that has educated Ritual Coaches around the world, across 4 languages.

This workshop is suitable for people of all fitness levels, but will be particularly interesting for:

1) Ritual members
2) Health and fitness enthusiasts
3) Coaches, Personal Trainers or Group Fitness Instructors

You don’t need to be a Ritual Member to join us!

What you get:
-  In-depth, in-person, small-group workshop with the creators and curators of the Ritual Coaching Experience.
-  Lifetime access to specific supporting materials and videos in Ritual Academy, our online ‘university’.
-  Current members will get an additional 1 week added to their membership, and non-members will receive a complementary 1-week trial at a Ritual Gym of their choice.


Use this size chart for sizing reference!